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Recent Rift Update Pooched My CV1

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  • Recent Rift Update Pooched My CV1

    While head tracking left the entire picture moves with me while tracking right works as it should. I see by the Oculus Forum others are having this issue. Hopefully fix comes out ASAP

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    Mmh maybe I should wait then when I can. Have a training flight this evening. Is it a firmware update?
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      Yes I believe firmware and software for the Oculus Home experience which is something that I don’t use.


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        Haven't had mine on in a few days, so not sure if its broke.

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          Well, after a couple of days of testing, reading, swearing etc., I was about to uninstall and not update to the latest until I looked at my desk and realized my sensor was well off to the right and not in its normal position. I returned it to where I had and badda bing, badda boom, worked as advertised. I'm an idiot! Gain a few FPS as well, great update!!


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            LOL - well, a standard PEBKAC error it seems.


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              Cool, here I didn’t see any problems.