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  • ... and now for something completely different

    With the big update for IL2 this week, the Me-262 was finally released. Thus far, I've started my engines on fire while trying to start the plane on the tarmac 3 out of 4 times - it's really tricky to start. Then I tried to dive on a target from 15,000 feet; pulled back on the throttles, and I believe I probably pulled them back too far and both engines flamed out (they will flame out if you drop the throttles lower than about 25%). While attempting to fire them back up after trimming for best glide speed, I - once again! - caught the #2 engine on fire and had to bail out.

    Here's a fun look at what the plane looks like when the engines aren't babied (image is not mine - captured from a Gifycat video):

    Click image for larger version

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    Hey Cas......Um......your wings on fire bro


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      Sounds like a good time. Speaking of flameout. Ship and I have had to return to the boat 2/2 missions because his right engine flamesout randomly on his tomcat. One of those missions we were 200miles away from the boat.
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        Was it a compressor stall or a full flame out? Did the air start procedures not work?
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          No, I couldn't get the air start to work at all. It's a lot less complex than the Tomcat of course, as IL2 isn't a study sim, but it involves firing up the engine starters again. I simply couldn't get the engines to fire back up. Granted, it was the first time I've tried it so I was probably doing something wrong - I couldn't take the HMD off and watch / read a tutorial.

          What I believe I actually did was pull the throttles back too far. The 262 had a throttle indent lever (once the levers flipped up the engines would spool when you started the plane - in flight if you dropped the throttles behind the indent levers and they flipped back up, depending upon the engine temps the engines would flame out). If you watch this video, you'll see them at the 20 second mark:

          I'm pretty sure that's what happened... I was too focused on my maneuver rather than watching the throttles as I pulled them back.


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            And of course, the video tutorial on how to restart your engines in flight was released just today. Not overly complicated of course, just procedural. And I violated both primary rules while trying to restart in the air... I was gliding at about 450 knots instead of 300, and was still at about 4800 meters altitude.

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