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Tomcat Stick?

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  • Tomcat Stick?

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Name:	94064406-FAA5-4195-B815-1672A1A9A4CA.jpeg
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ID:	5107 well if Virpil builds a hornet stick I think I ll buy one

    for you tomcat boys though this looks promising

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    Sweet, trying to print my own at the moment. Together with my old cougar grip I hope to get it working with the warthog base. Will post some kind of building threat later.


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      If you manage to print a tomcat stick that goes on a warthog base let me know and I will buy one from you!


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        problem with the virpil stick is you wont get it until 2035


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          Main problem is to make it work with the Warthog PCB. I own a old Cougar grip so I could use the Hats and buttons from it or buy better matching ones. As long as the function remains identical it will work with the standard connector.

          Problem is I need to find spare Connectors when I want to do more of them. Another and simpler solution would be to go with a new custom board and use only the axis from the Warthog. You would need one USB port extra but that’s it.

          Just fixed my printer but my son is waiting for the last part of his Han Solo blaster too 😂


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            Just bought a old Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick. The Plan is to remove the grip with a printed F14 one. Could be great to use it in combination with VR.
            Currently I am modifying a warthog throttle, just want a second coolie hat on the site. Really need to make someone progress with the calibration of my 3d printer.


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              when i was studying cad, one of the projects in a class i didnt stick around long enough to do was taking the guts from a portable drill and designing and printing a new housing for them. i regret not doing that, it would be prime experience for making sticks.


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                I am by now way a professional designer. Luckily there is already a F14 Stick 3d model I can work with. Just started using Shapr3d on my IPad to do some CAD work.
                Long way to go but it’s fun creating something you thought about.