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  • Introduction


    I am interested in joining a squadron for training and coordinated carrier/combat flight ops.

    I am located in Virginia, so US Eastern Time Zone, and believe the squadron's Saturday night times will work well with my schedule (along with maybe some mid-week flights on slower work weeks). Typically I fly on Friday and Saturday nights on open servers.

    Flight simulation equipment: Thrustmaster Throttle HOTAS, rudder pedals and F-18 Stick.

    Head Tracking Equipment: Quest2 VR.

    DCS Modules: F18, Super Carrier, Syria, Persian Gulf, Nevada, P-51, Normandy, Channel, SRS

    Flight Sim Experience: Where to begin...MS Flight Sim 1.0, Chuck Yeager's Flight Sim, F-15 Strike Eagle II, Fleet Defender, IL2, Pacific Fighters, Falcon 2.0 and various others that would further date me. I was out of flight sim for a while. However, now I exclusively fly DCS (though may have an interest in X-Plane...I've heard some good things). I have been flying the F-18 on DCS for ~2 years, again mostly on open servers or on small missions I have made for myself (and friends) for individual training purposes (e.g. how to use certain weapons, how to defeat certain threats, and to work on BVR and guns only skills...that latter of which I should probably keep working on).

    As I said in the opening, I am looking to be a part of a group that works on training, formation flying, coordinated tactics, and polishing carrier ops. I appreciate learning new aspects of working the Hornet, so I am open to learning from the group.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,
    Hurry Up

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    Welcome. You'll get a PM from Drillin soon with all the info you need.


    Alienware New Aurora R9 | Windows® 10 Home Premium | 64bit, Intel(R) Core(TM) 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K 8C/16T R0| NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070Ti 12GB | 2 X 1TB SSD | 64GB Dual Channel CORSAIR Vengence at 3200MHz | 850W EPA Gold Liquid Cooled power supply | G2 Rverb VR


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      Hey there, welcome to the wing, having some technical difficulties on the back end here with some training docs but i will get them to you by end of day.


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        Great! Thank you, both!

        Looking forward to getting started.

        Hurry Up


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          Welcome to the Wing!