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Dawg Here! Applying For VCAW-1

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  • Dawg Here! Applying For VCAW-1

    I would like to apply for an F-18 pilot slot. I have been flying DCS for awhile and am proficient in the Hornet, but always new things to learn.
    - Time Zone US Central
    -Equipment: Oculus Rift S, Thrustmaster Hotas and Throttle
    -Flight Sim Experience 1000's of hours of combat and civilian aircraft sim time, been flying sims all my life.
    -About myself, I am retired from the US Navy. I was a flight engineer and am now in my second career with American Airlines working as a Flight Crew Training Instructor on the Boeing 737. Looking for new and interesting flying that will test my skills and build new ones.
    V/r, Dawg

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    Welcome Dawg! Recruitment is currently closed at the moment, but tends to open up every month or so. Until then, it may be beneficial to practice tanker refueling, CASE I and CASE III approaches to become proficient if you haven't already.


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      Hey Dawg, Welcome!