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    I am interested in joining your wing. I have a fair bit of experience flying the F/A-18C in DCS, but haven't had much time to fly the last few months due to having a 2nd child. Now that things have settled down again I want to get back into DCS and participate in an active community. I think I have a pretty good handle on all the basic requirements for a carrier air wing (Case 1/3 carrier landing, AAR, formation flying).

    I use the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and the Samsung Odyssey+ VR. I have all the required maps and modules including carrier pre-order.

    I am in Central time zone, but my available flight hours are usually later at night. Typically 8:30PM - 1AM CST, but I can get on earlier on occasion.

    I do have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to on your website...
    Are the standard weekly scheduled flights? If so what nights & times are they?
    What is the attendance requirement?
    What types of organized missions does the wing fly?
    I have a friend who is also interested in joining that does not have a lot of experience in the 18. Does the training include active instruction from wing pilots or is it more a learn by yourself and get checked off system?

    I look forward to possibly flying with you guys!
    Ray "Diesel" Gosz
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    Just in case you can't pick up PMs yet:

    Hi Diesel,

    I run the Euro Sqn and I'm one of the IPs here, so I will let the US guys answer your main questions, but in terms of the training package, we give practical active instruction to all levels including new player/pilots followed by an evaluation of each stage of the training until a pilot passes the basic qualifications and is progressed to the active Sqns.

    One of the US guys will be along soon to let you know the answers to the rest mate.

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      Usually the "standard" scheduled sign-up flights are Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon and evening - Wed and Sat evening at 9:00 EST, while Sat afternoons are around 2:00 EST. We also have basic pick-up and just "get together and fly' flights pretty much nightly.
      We require that you fly at least 4 scheduled flights a month to remain active.
      Our missions are pretty much across the board as far as type - CAP / BARCAP, Strike, SEAD, ship attack, CAS, etc., and they are set on both the Caucasus and Persian Gulf maps.
      Our training program is an actual building block program that is run by Instructor Pilots. It as a curriculum and a set of Blocks that the student needs to Qual (or pass) on before continuing on. It usually takes about a month or so if the student is a pretty active pilot.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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        Hi Diesel and Welcome, looks like the forum lurkers have already answered your questions, but to re-iterate, we have a training program that everyone is required to go through before being sent to an active line squadron, the program is pretty much the basics, pattern work, knowledge of the jet, formation, and then on to carrier work. This makes sure that all new members are on the same page and what to expect once they are in a full on wing flight. This program is run by the training staff we have here and all are very patient and knowledgeable.

        If this sounds good to you, we can get you started with your onboarding package.

        Again, welcome


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          Hey guys,

          Thank you for the responses. That all sounds excellent and I would love to join.

          My only concern is that for the first few months Wednesday will be a very difficult day for me to fly. Depending on how long training takes it may be a moot point, but I don't know that I could 100% guarantee that I would be able to do 4 missions a month early on. I should be able to fly every Monday, Tuesday, Friday night and most Saturday nights.

          I don't want to waste anyone's time because I know it is valuable, so if the 4 scheduled flights per month on those 2 days is a strictly enforced requirement it may not be a great fit for me, at least until Spring.

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            Dont worry bud if we see your active and flying, then it's not a concern, myself personally cannot make Saturday night flights either but throughout the week I ll be up flying with the guys in the servers. It's more for the guys that just kinda drop off the face of the earth with no contact that we really base that rule around. If no one beats me to it I ll send you a welcome package through PM" when I get home from work tonight.

            Look forward to flying with you


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              Sounds great! Thanks.
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                I'm also CST, with the same type of family concerns with making flights prior to 8:30 or 9. There are enough folks on that pick-up flights are fairly easy to do. I was also new to a pro level flight SIM, and structured flying. If your friend is willing to put in the work and time it's possible to learn the skills needed to have fun.
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                  Welcome Diesel!


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                    Welcome to the wing!

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